Welcome to inaVision

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Welcome To inaVision

Welcome – and bring your business ideas and challenges with you. Here to help your business grow — deeper and richer with 21st century strategy, an integrative model, and present day tactics. Founded by Lisa Kuhn Phillips, an e-level to C-suite catalyst, strategist and social business capitalist with 25 years of financial services, operations and culture experience.

inaVision, LLC. A business strategy~culture advisory firm. We help business leaders ~ including those in credit unions and community banks ~ refine strategy, realign culture, and transform into leaner, focused enterprises. We guide operational alignment, collaboration and organizational culture for 21st century competitive advantage.

Our Services

Business Strategy

➟ Designing an integrated strategy to drive performance, social connectivity and agility.
➟ Aligning Products • People • Service • Solutions • Systems via our 341 model.
➟ Defining competitive value, enterprise collaboration, and a connected culture.
➟ Measuring Performance that matters.

Enterprise Transformation

➟ Coaching and Mentoring, for strategy planning and social culture design and delivery.
➟ Aligning Partners and Team Players ~ from Management to Partners/Vendors to Team Players.
➟ Determining outcomes, better practices and best insights – assess, collaborate, re-calibrate, and monitor growth and loyalty.

Are these your pain points?

  • You’re reacting and playing catch-up with technology and talent. Your timing is off.
  • You’re sluggish with project completion and performance improvement. Processes and teams seem out of sync and are slow to change.
  • You’re losing marketshare, yet still carry extra weight. Relationships are going to the competition.  Your talented staff are too.
  • Your strategies and seats at the table show limited to no differentiation  ~ in thought or in actions.
  • Your workforce seems disconnected from strategy and socially disengaged.
  • You simply want to develop a resilient strategy and culture to successfully deliver in the new business world –  Tech, Risk, Finance, HR, Marketing, Mobile – with a team who can prioritize, perform and adapt.

We can help. We’ll define, co-design and deliver a guided approach and social enterprise solution.

  • A clear and concise business vision with social responsibility creates shared value and integrated actions that matter.
  • Value grows from the inside out (develop a strategic culture and team of one) and outside in (listen and engage for needs and concerns, determine risk, prioritize and deliver).
  • Integrated actions create momentum…. more effective results, greater efficiencies, innovative thought and co-ownership for success. They also minimizes cultural lag, inefficient work processes, silo’d thinking and status quo stagnation.

The business ~ culture world is moving in this open, collaboratively competitive direction. It’s gaining momentum in all industries. Does your company’s purpose, people leadership, process management and culture perform well in the new reality?