The 341 Core Model

Define the Core – It’s about purpose and performance. (go ahead – tap or click on the core and circles)
Connect (and create) with 3 circles for 1 core. The 341core model.

How will you create successful results?
Start thinking about rotational alignment. Circles instead of Boxes. WorkFlow instead of just Work.

Circle 1

WHO – Developing People

Are you developing yourself and others? How well do you and your clients interact – listen and learn – to create more engaging and productive discussion for an effective relationship?

Circle 2

WHAT – Simple Process, Product & Solution

How will your solution make life better, richer and more effective for your clients, partners and prospects? How does it benefit your client well and your business within reason?

Circle 3

HOW – Integrated, consistent Delivery

How does your vision’s plan connect operations, technology, finance and market delivery? Is the integration tight for efficiency needs? Is it fully aligned and delivered consistently for effectiveness?

The circles are moving, all of equal weight and importance. Think of overarching strengths and weaknesses with your vision’s implementation — is it out of sync ? Is there too much emphasis (or not enough) spent on the product/solution itself, or the delivery or on the people who will buy it? As each circle becomes equal in size and efficiency, they will pull together tightly as the vision becomes better, more effective and richer to its core.

Core purpose. Real performance. The WHY and WHAT FOR core.

3 circles for 1 core. The 341core model. It’s that simple.