About Lisa

Welcome to inaVision. Meet Lisa Kuhn Phillips, founder and president. We’re glad you’re here. Here’s to becoming a partner (business challenges welcome) and redefining your company’s culture + operating strategy for 21st c success. We assess, co-develop and guide your team through a process of transformation.

inaVision, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Social Business Strategy and Transformation, assesses and designs culture and agile operations for performance results. Our services include business model strategy, organizational transformation and executive leadership guidance in the Social Era.

Lisa spent more than twenty five years in leadership and career progression to SVP/COO – for a highly successful and progressive $750+ million institution. She was able to establish a performance culture known for delivering best in class customer and team member experiences, by integrating social enterprise and a 21st century business model with simple solutions, organizational transformation and meaningful relationship builds. During her tenure the financial institution was the recipient of numerous awards for their workplace excellence, best places to work, market and strategic planning innovations. Lisa also delved into Community Banking, handling Marketing/Communication for a $1.6B community bank.

Regardless of her work, she’s found a consistent theme… those companies with clarity of vision, valued solutions, performance responsibilities and an engaged culture…. win.

“Everything truly connects when silo’ed thinking (and assumed hierarchy) is replaced by a collaborative operating culture.” ~ LKP

What we do

We identify problems in conservative business models and traditional operations and solve them through transformation. If a holistic, sustainable organization that can grow  (and retain) your quality team, valued customers and bottom line is your objective,  we have the same vision.  We’ve been there, done that, and want to create it again…and again…and again.

So what better way to offer organizational change, vision and strategy advice and consulting?

  • Start a business.
  • Use a proven business model (the 341core model created by founder, Lisa Kuhn Phillips).
  • Grow or transform your business vision into a meaningful business reality.
  • Guide you and your company to achieve better results.

341 Core

Three simple ingredients for one purpose that can produce business, personal and/or community performance. Hence the website—shared with you, so you can let your mind grow.

The model will develop you to turn your vision into a business strategy  and effectively design aligned actions and simple tactics for success.

What’s different about the 341 core model from other business models? It evolves, it’s always in motion, and ages ​with grace and fine (written) lines over time— Never​ frozen in time, not stuck in a box, but free to grow, sustain and learn to adapt along the way.


"She’s open-minded, incredibly positive and sees the big picture extremely well. She is a strategic thinker and whole-heartedly believes in credit unions and their role in consumer finance. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, do it. You won’t regret it"

− Tim McAlpine, President and Creative Director, Currency Marketing

"Lisa is passionate, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to understand the present state and know what is required to succeed in the future is unparalleled to anyone I know, and it is because of her excellence in this area she advanced to the position of Chief Operating Officer…at 3Rivers. Lisa’s rare combination of vision and ability to communicate with anyone at their level makes her an incredibly hard to find individual."

− Jeff Meyer, CEO, Dakota West FCU and former President/CEO, 3Rivers FCU

"Lisa possesses a rare combination of strategic vision, people-focused leadership, creativity, and operational savvy which serves her extremely well in high level executive or leadership positions. While much of her career has been in the financial services industry, her skills, experience, and passion will undoubtedly transfer easily into other businesses or industries."

− Rob Binford, retired EVP, 3Rivers FCU and former COO, Andrews FCU

"Lisa is a highly experienced executive-level manager… She is a high energy person that dives directly and deeply into any issue presented to her. Lisa seems to always come up with a winning solution that nobody else’s thoughts had even drifted across… Lisa’s ability to focus on the ‘task-at-hand’ greatly impresses me. She locks into the most important thing to be worked or considered and won’t let it go until it’s well under way to resolution. Then, quickly moving to the next opportunity reestablishes that amazing ability to focus."

− Dave Maynard, PMP, MBA, Manager, Project

"Lisa continually provides input in the financial services community. She brings a variety of insight to the market and often bridges the gap between marketing, technology, delivery and executive leadership. A supporter of engagement banking philosophies, Lisa's strategic vision is an asset to the industry."

− Bryan Clagett, Chief Marketing Officer of Geezeo, Investor and Entrepreneur
Who's on my list of influencers to date?

Jim Collins
Ram Charan
John Kotter
Brian Solis
Seth Godin
Nilofer Merchant
Clay Christensen

Whitney Johnson
Daniel Goleman
Rolling Stone
Sallie Krawcheck

Faisal Hogue
Michael Porter
free spirits
young hearts
deep souls
conscious capitalists
two so(ul)fully cool kids.